In case you missed our March issue cover story, The Wandering Pavilion was conceived almost two years ago, because of project founder Emily Campbell’s deep desire to show how architecture contributes positively to the places we love. The Wandering Pavilion is a temporary structure that moves from place to place becoming something different wherever it is set up. The goal is to fill a niche in a neighbourhood, park, parking lot, etc., to augment these places.  

Last fall, extensive public consultation sessions were held online and in person to figure out what the Wandering Pavilion should be and where it should set up. The project’s team listened to each group and came up with events that use this new structure to add to what’s already happening in those neighbourhoods to help improve our city.

This summer there will be 7 different locations and functions with activities from a takeover of parking spots for the Hold Fast Art Festival to the pavilion’s current function as a Story Collector on Signal Hill.

The official launch will be held TONIGHT from 7:30-9:30 at the Queen’s Battery on Signal Hill (it’s between Cabot Tower and the Signal Hill Interpretation Centre).  This is a family friendly event.  The site is accessible by walking the trail system, however if contact is made in advance, those with limited mobility can be accommodated. Parking is limited to the parking at the Interpretation Centre or the top of the hill.

“On Tuesday night, the pavilion itself will be a multi-media installation.  A sound piece will share some of the stories we’ve already gathered that show why buildings play a meaningful role in all of our lives.” Emily Campbell will let attendees know what can be expected from the pavilion for the rest of the summer.

The project is an initiative of Fougere Menchenton Architecture with the goal of promoting contemporary architecture in St. John’s.

For more details on The Wandering Pavilion’s summer plans, see our March issue Cover Story here