$547,166  in Federal funding from ACOA will fund four projects in the booming-more-than-ever hub town of Clarenville. The provincial government will throw an additional $342,564 at two of these projects.

$478,000 worth of ACOA’s money is coming from their “Innovative Communities Fund,” and will be pooled with $320,00 from the province to redevelop and expand Elizabeth Swan Park. With this new money, the park will get an amphitheater, and an expanded green space for leisure and special events. The project will also replace and relocate the cookhouse and pavilion.

The province will also add $22,564 to $8,264 from ACOA’s “Business Development Program” to support the Clarenville Area Chamber of Commerce in organizing its Business Symposium and Showcase 2016, taking place September 30-October 1, 2016.

The last two funded projects will be $53,332 from the “Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program,” to improve trails and amenities at the Clarenville Nordic Ski Club, and $7,570 to install an air conditioning system in the ever-lively Clarenville Lion’s Club.

Colin Holloway, MHA for Terra Nova, feels this combined $900,000 investment speaks to the “positive and collaborative relationship we have built with our federal partners,” and he thanks Clarenville Town Council and the Clarenville and Area Chamber of Commerce who “work shoulder to shoulder with their federal and provincial counterparts to make things happen.”