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About the Overcast

The Overcast is a multi-award-winning media body stationed in St. John’s, NL. Best known for its monthly print magazine, The Overcast also publishes exclusive web content on weekdays, administers the $12,500 Albedo Grant to support promising new business ventures, and, the Borealis Music Prize — Newfoundland’s richest award for a local album of the year.

The Overcast is mandated to promote the people, places, artists, academics, restauranteurs and entrepreneurs that make the island of Newfoundland the place it is, and, to start conversations around local issues in hopes of making the province an even better place to live.

We differ from other local media by avoiding the “This Just Happened!” style of breaking news, and focusing on “what just happened” by putting a little meat on those skeletal stories. Less a news site, The Overcast is a cultural magazine looking to tap the vein of what makes the island distinct or worthwhile.

Our most recent awards include the City of St. John’s Discovery Award, MusicNL’s Media Person of the Year and Outstanding Company of the Year, a shout out from London’s The Monocle that called our “smart, informed and interesting” paper “the one to read in St. John’s.” We also received an East Coast Music Award nomination for Media Outlet of the Year.

Publisher & Editor: Chad Pelley (
Chief Staff Writer & Associate Editor: Eva Crocker (
Art Director: Mira Howards (
Staff Photographer: Joel Upshall (

Past and Current Regular Contributors: Ed Riche, Lauren Power, Terri Coles, Iain McCurdy, Emily Deming, Felicity Roberts, “Badge,” Wendy Rose, Chad Pelley, Chad Bennett, Dave Lane, Eva Crocker, Amy Stoodley, Elizabeth Whitten, Heather Nolan, Patrick Butler, Meghan McCabe, Alyson Samson, Erin Power, Sharleen Simmons, Brad Pretty, Joanna Barker, Steve Maloney, Lukas Wall, Ryan Belbin, Shannon Web-Campbell, Kerri Cull, Mary MacDonald, “L.P.,” Annie McEwen, Martin Poole, Craig Francis Power, Sheilagh O’Leary, Drew Brown, Mark Hoffe, Sandy May, Jerry Stamp, and Vicki Murphy. Each issue also features one-off contributions from freelancers — get in touch to pitch an article.


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