Halfhandsome is a sketch comedy and improv company born from the brains of many collaborators, and their latest production, Almost Baymous, is a “newfangled comedy revue show that highlights the problems and issues faced by young Newfoundlanders through social and political satire.”

The show will run from January 11-14 at the Arts & Culture Centre every night at 8pm, and is described as a night of original sketches, comedic songs, and oddball characters, written and performed by a group of “artistic and good-for-nothing millennials.” It’s only 10 bucks to get in.

“This is not a normal sketch show. This is not a normal piece of theatre. It’s crude, it’s charming, it’s sweet, and it’s blunt – we wanted to write a sketch comedy show that not only entertains but talks about the new Newfoundland and our vibrant community in an ironic light.”

Directed by Andrew Tremblett, the show features the likes of David Feehan, Jana Gillis, Evan Mercer, Stuart Simpson, Arn Smit, and Catherine Vielguth.