What’s that new-ish food truck all about, the one down across from Mile One? Is it really pizza in a cone? Yes.

“Our franchise originally comes from Italy, and that’s also where our cones come from. Kono has only been in Canada for five years or so, and now it’s hitting the streets of St. John’s.”

They serve a variety of pizzas-in-cones, including “Eh Canadian” (pepperoni, bacon, and mushroom) and the “Tropi-Kono” (smoked ham, bacon and pineapple).

“We also have a delicious vegetarian cone, or the classic margarita cone with just cheese and sauce. And we don’t just do pizza! We have an amazing dessert menu including strawberries and Nutella or our original that’s a’smore cone.”

They’re open everyday “even in bad weather,” across from Mile One on New Gower, and have already been making appearances at events around town, with plans to pop up at some summer festivals.