St. John’s Eats is The Overcast’s online restaurant listings, where people can read about – and review – restaurants in St. John’s.

It summarizes a restaurant’s offerings, price range, and sample dishes, links to select Overcast articles on the restaurant, and lists any wins they’ve had in The Overcast’s annual People’s Choice Awards. This list summarizes 12 surprising menu finds from restaurants in town.


Adelaide has breakfast ramen on its brunch menu; it has a bacon dashi broth. Yes. They also have a “Brisket Hash.” Way to tailor some of the world’s finest suppers to the world’s favourite meal: brunch. You can wash either down with a “Bourbon Sweet tea.”


The Angry Urchin has sliders whose buns are fluffy toutons. And the beef is delicious local beef: it tastes gamier, like moose, but with the softer texture of beef.


Bad Bones Ramen has a local twist in its Asian offerings, via the “Salt Cod Shio.” That’s salt cod, mussels, shrimp, squid, cabbage and seafood dumplings, kombu, katsuobushi, shredded nori, and green onions.


Bernard Stanley’s Gastropub has “Crunchy Brie-stuffed French Toast” on its menu. Yes, and it’s drizzled with a housemade rum-caramel sauce. You can wash them down with their frequent specials on mimosa and Caesars.


Blue on Water has its own food truck, Hitchen the Kitchen, you can book for festivals and events. It is otherwise parked on Elizabeth Avenue, with offerings like Kimchi and pickled onion cod tacos, Barking Kettle pho with moose broth, OG Bahn mi, the “Obese Chicken Sandwich” with garlic hot sauce, and a lambwich with tomato-fennel sauce.


You can save 5 bucks off your meal every weeknight at the Celtic Hearth if you order in theme. Mondays for burgers, Tuesdays for pasta, Wednesdays for cod, and Thursdays for steak dishes. Re: Mondays, they have moose burgers.


The Chafe’s Burger at Chafe’s Landing has grilled cheese sandwiches as its “buns.” Jammed between these buns is an 8 oz patty, bacon, onion rings, and more heart-clogging goodness.


Exile marries local and Indian cuisine in their dish “Moose Masala.” Masala is a blend of ground spices (typically coriander, cumin, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg, with variations on this). They serve their moose masala with turmeric rice, grilled veggies, and naan bread.


You can add a hot dog to any entrée at Get Stuffed for $1. Maple bourbon mussels … and a hot dog. They also have something called the “Cheese’n’Do” that’s Scooby Doo pasta, friulano, sharp cheddar, and gruyere with optional additions of prosciutto or sweet peppers.


Fort Amherst Pub now offers a “Big Merry Mary Mac” burger. It’s an upscaled Big Mary + Big Mac in one tall burger.


NJ’s Kitchen has all sorts of fun India-NL/Canadian fusion dishes. Like Indian spice rubbed fish as their “NJ’s Fish & Chips,” or a poutine that uses chickpeas instead of fries, and a burger with Naan buns and Tahini-hummus spread.


The nachos in Magnum & Stein’s “Duck Nachos” are actually wontons. The duck confit is soaked in a delicious sweet and spicy soy glaze.