Jay Swinnerton and Jack Marks have a lot in common … including a band. The two are in town sharing a band that includes each other, and the musicianship will floor you.

The New Grease Revival and Jack Marks are in town for 4 shows this week, and anyone who caught the first show last night at the Black Sheep will swear to you these are not-to-miss evenings.

Dust off your dancing shoes and kiss them goodbye on the dancefloor at one of these shows: The New Grease Revival is unreal, tight, musically wild, and most importantly a pile of fun on the dancefloor. They’re right out of another era and their music will take your dancerly inhibitions away. Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles could’ve teamed up and might not have been as much fun as this band.

“Crazy Mama #2” by New Grease Revival

Road warrior Jack Marks’ music covers the best qualities of all the long-standing singer-songwriters we know packaged up in one man who’s got everything going for him, from lyrics to killer licks, and he’s touring with a terrific backing band.

“Song for Me” by Jack Marks

The two played together last night at The Black Sheep, and the musicianship was astounding; the live energy can’t be captured on tape, you’ve got to be there and feel it for yourself. Jack played a set, New Grease Revival played a set, and then they went song for song for a while as a third set. They’ll be doing the same tonight at The Ship

Catch them as well on Friday night at The Ship with Lady Brett Ashley, or Saturday Night at The Levee with Dave Picco.