Sarah Rafferty is best known for her show-making character Donna Paulsen on Suits — one of television’s best twists on a show about lawyers. But if you’re reading this, you already know that.

Here Are 5 Things about Sarah/Donna You Likely Didn’t Know:

Her Career Started the Day She Cut Across Someone’s Lawn: That someone was her drama teacher, across whose lawn she was cutting to make it to field hockey practice one day. He told her to skip the practice and join the cast of “Richard III.” She loved it and started acting then and there.

She has a Double Major: It’s in English and Theatre from Hamilton College, and she studied abroad in London and Oxford during her junior year. After graduating magna cum laude from Hamilton, she went on to study at Yale Drama school.

Sarah is an Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association: She regularly speaks on the matter, and has hosted their annual Sardi’s event three years in a row.

She and Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey on the show, have actually been close friends for 20 years: hence the on-screen closeness feeling so legit. They met at a theatre festival.

She is currently at Fogo Island Inn with her daughters Oona and Iris Gray: below is an instagram,

Oh hey, Newfoundland.

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