40,000 (Dirt Cheap) Books for 1 Good Cause

The CFUW's Annual Booksale is like Comic-con or The Superbowl for Book Nerds.

The CFUW’s Annual Booksale is like Comic-con or The Superbowl for Book Nerds. It’s two storeys and endless (alphabetical!) aisles of books. Books priced, on average, at $2. They’re gently used at best, and your money goes to a good cause. 

It’s been around over 70 years, and it’s the Canadian Federation of University Women St. John’s annual fundraiser, which funds their scholarships and bursaries at Memorial University and Marine Institute, College of the North Atlantic, etc. So yes, you buying books can help put people through post-secondary — the power of words! In fact, money from this fundraiser has helped female students as far away as Nairobi.

The donated books come from NL’s voracious reading public, and includes everything from CanLit’s hottest contemporary titles to literary classics to cookbooks and locals treasures. You will find something there. It takes place at the Arts & Culture Centre in St. John’s.

The $1 admission is good for all 3 days. And it’s $1, so don’t complain about it. Plus, students with an ID card who spend over $10.00 will receive a voucher to select free books Thursday 2 pm – 3 pm!

Tuesday March 28: 6pm – 9pm (Get the prime goods!)
Wednesday March 29: 10am – 9pm (Spend all day browsing)
Thursday March 30 10am – 1pm (Take what’s left for half price!)

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