img_0629Tim Earle is the man behind The Uppercut Barber Shop beside Fred’s Records on Duckworth. In the traditional manner, it’s a walk-in only family barbershop, with Nes, Snes, and Sega games to play if there is wait.

Earle has 19 years of experience in his trade, 14 of them around a NATO air base, so “there is not much I have not seen in the barbering industry.” He says his goal is to have every customer leave looking better and feeling better about themselves than when they come into his shop.

The Speed Bag Hanging in His Shop is His Father’s …

I proudly have my father’s speed bag hanging in my barbershop. It represents a lot to me, the work that must be put in to get results, the endless hours of repetitive work that me and my father put in training, it taught me that hard work is needed to master anything. I think it motivates me to always give my best.

He Grew Up Under the European Influence of a  Nato Air Base …

I was born in St John’s and was adopted to my family in Goose Bay, Labrador at 5 months old. My father was a barber there for over 40 years. In my youth it was a NATO Air Force base, and although we were very isolated, we had tremendous European culture and influences. It was a great place to go to school as there were many students from all over Europe attending our schools.

“I Was Ineligible for a Student Loan, So I Went to [an] Academy of Barbering …”

I have worked since age 14; first at pizza delight, then A&W, then after high school I was ineligible for a student loan, so in 1997 I went to Pictou County Academy of Barbering. I Worked with my father for years after. I moved around for a few years cutting hair wherever I lived and moved to The Gould’s last year, I worked at a local car dealership long enough to save for my own Barbershop in town.

A Surprising Customer …

A regular customer who keeps his hair very neat came in to get his haircut just before his wedding. Much to my surprise, he came back after the ceremony and had it completely shaved for the reception to the shock of everyone at the wedding.