“The human body absolutely and without question requires things like protein (my stomach digests a chicken breast, breaks it down into amino acids, and my body uses thsoe amino acids like lego blocks to build the proteins my body needs to do everything, including moving the muscles in my jaws so I can eat. Also, iron comes from meat, without iron, my blood can’t bind oxygen to itself and deliver oxygen to my brain!). So stop telling people it’s gross and unhealthy to eat meat. It’s vital. And our choice. Plus it tastes amazing and is eaten in 9 out of 10 meals. Going to a restaurant with you was like going to hell. And we ate the same three meals 100 times a week. Puke, I won’t miss it. You made me hate potatoes and lentils so much. #2: “Literally” doesn’t mean “Super Big Time” by which I mean, don’t use the word literally for emphasis. Literally is the opposite of figuratively. The sentence, ‘I was literally freezing to death at the bus stop’ is figurative if you survived, but literal if you did freeze to death. Why is that so hard to understand? Why did you need to say literally in 1 out of every 3 sentences? #3: Don’t go out with a person you want to change. You resented me for being a social creature and going out 1-2 times a week, for wanting an hour a day to read, for wasting grocery money on striploins, when if you ate meat you’d know crappy cuts are crappy. Go find the person you wish your boyfriend was instead of making the man you’re with feel bad for living the life they want to live. THat makes you ‘wrong,’ not them.” – xbf