In our online “3 on 1” series, three music writers for The Overcast share their reaction to a single song off a local album. This time around it’s “Me + You” by Nick Ryan featuring Naomi Kavka


Damian Lethbridge:

A great song-writer can take universal themes both sentimental and sacred and distil them down to something that the work-a-day listener can feel.  This doesn’t mean that the lyrics need be obvious or generic, in fact quite the opposite. A truly great song is just opaque enough that it leaves you wondering and just lucid enough that you can sew your own experiences into its patchwork. The mention of a lover’s nose suddenly becomes a declaration of unconditional love. Nick Ryan serves up such song-writing on “Me & You” garnished with spritely finger picking while Naomi plays DeMent to his Prine. This is a stunner from an album full of knockouts.

Erin Power:

If you have got a sweet spot for an old time duet then you’ll want to give this track a spin. Nick Ryan is a masterful lyricist who has got some serious whistling chops to boot. From his album Prose and Cons, “me + you” is a tender and touching track that will warm the cockles of your heart. With only vocals and an acoustic guitar, Ryan conjures up a tale of two lovers that is certainly impressive in its austere simplicity. Both authentic and enchanting, this is a tune that highlights the power of two voices… Nick Ryan and Naomi Kavka.

Lukas Wall:

“me + you” is a simple and quirky little love song. With it’s quiet fingerpicked guitars and catchy whistled melody, the song walks the line between folk and country sounds. The song’s tale of love is told through romantic call and response vocals from Nick Ryan and Naomi Kavka, and feels like it would be at home on the soundtrack of a quirky indie romantic comedy. There’s nothing revolutionary about this tune, but it’s effective as a catchy musical snapshot of a couple in love.