3 on Sli1

In our 3 on 1 series, three music writers for The Overcast share their first reaction to a single song off a local album. This time around it’s “Get it Together, Little Girl” by the newest band in town, Slick Nixon, composed of Pet Vet and Delusion Victims’ frontmen Brandon Coaker and Pete Mills.



Damian Lethbridge:

This track definitely has the most upbeat, “Pet Vet” feel of all the songs on the EP. I’m digging the 60’s vibe in the chorus with the hand claps and “ooh ahh” background vocals. I also love the pitch bending on the synths, a totally under-utilized feature of this instrument. The song is a perfect fusion of alt-pop sensibilities and 80’s instrumentation with overtones of Television, The Fall, and just a touch of Jack White’s “About to Lose It” falsetto on the tag line. There’s no denying the fun factor on this one. This is the type of tune that is guaranteed to bring bodies to the dance floor on even the slowest of nights at The Ship.

Erin Power:

Well, it’s time to get your dance on! Slick Nixon has brought the party with “Get It Together Little Girl.” a witty, punchy, little number with a catchy hook and a biting commentary. With its layers of instrumentation and its solid beat, this track will make you want to stop and shout “Get it together little girl!” ‘Tis the season for some great rock music and Slick Nixon certainly delivers.

Lukas Wall:

A loose and dirty jam, “Get It Together, Little Girl” from brand new group Slick Nixon is a lo-fi rocker that sounds like it belongs at a crowded house party. The effected and echoey vocals have a playful, too-cool-for-school type tone, while the warbly and wobbly synth hook seems to have its own drunken stumble. There’s a lazy groove throughout that’s just as much dirty rock as old school psychedelia and the high pitched shouts of “get it together” carry that party vibe. This is a fun tune that deserves a spin at your next shaker.