In “3 on 1,” three music writers for The Overcast share their reactions to a single song off a local album. Today’s track is “Ex Mother in Law” off The Sauce’s new self-titled album.

Damian Lethbridge:

This song reminds me of Colleen’s “Happy Girlfriend” (I love that video, the Andy Wells cameo gets me every time). It’s got that bubblegum pop vibe mixed with some kind of twisted radio jingle. I’m not a big fan of the song’s sentiment (I know it’s not serious, but there’s enough hate songs in the world, comical or not) but I do love the gritty guitar tone and Liz’s vocals are spot on as usual. To be honest, this probably my least favorite song by The Sauce, every other song on the record is a much stronger offering. For a sample of how great The Sauce really are check out “The Abduction of Great Big Sea and Shanneyganock,” pure lyrical and comic genius.

Erin Power:

It is safe to say that the track “Ex Mother-In-Law” is not for the faint of heart, furthermore, it is probably safe to say that the talent that are The Sauce are not for the faint of heart either. This track showcases big, fiery personalities and fresh, ferocious song writing. A catchy tune that will have you “ba-da-ba”- ing along is mixed with cunning lyrics that are sharp as a razor’s edge. “Ex Mother-In-Law” is a number you won’t soon forget and is but one of many stand-out tracks on The Sauce’s very recently released self-titled EP.

Lukas Wall:

Considering its tone and subject matter, “Ex-Mother-in-Law” by punky shock rockers The Sauce is a surprisingly jaunty little ditty. The song is filled with foul-mouthed and funny tirades on one’s former mother-in-law, wrapped up with an upbeat and catchy chorus. Gritty guitars and driving drums deliver the message with a punch, making for a quick, rocking tune. The Sauce’s “Ex-Mother-in-Law” is pretty salty, but it’s still a tasty jam.