3 on 1: Damian, Erin, and Lukas on “Crocuses” by Pathological Lovers

Three music writers for The Overcast share their reactions to "Crocuses" off the new Pathological Lovers EP

In “3 on 1,” three music writers for The Overcast share their reactions to a single song off a new album. Today’s track is “Crocuses” off the new Pathological Lovers EP, We Can’t Even Lose.


Damian Lethbridge:
“This song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of spring in the process of being sprung. The mass release of all our pent up energy from a long winter of being housebound is very much like crocuses waiting under the snow for the first chance to bust out.  I love the first line about “The smell of summer coming from the Goulds,” anyone living adjacent to it knows exactly what Jody’s talking about. I’m sure there are droves of Lovers fans that can’t wait to dance like maniacs to this one at The Ship. We’ve got the anthem for summer 2014 here folks.” 

Erin Power:
“‘Crocuses’ reminds me of the sound of summer. It’s high energy and hard driving and that makes me want to crank it up. With a desperate craving for spring to kick in and for summer to quickly follow, The Pathological Lovers have given me renewed hope that this is fast approaching. Bring on the ‘purple cavalry’!” 

Lukas Wall:
“‘Crocuses’ is one of those songs that just screams of sunny summer days. It’s ballsy, it’s synth-y, it’s loud, it’s anthemic – and it’s all about flowers. It’s equal parts hard-nosed rock n’ roll and botanical Nintendo music. This is a seriously rocking tune that should be played loudly and often. Even if it’s foggy outside.”

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  • Wow. Three distinct opinions. Great idea for a column. It really helps a reader understand all the different facets contained in just one song. One thing I’m left wondering: does the song have a summer feel?

    • Safe to say yes 😉 They all wrote a few lines independently. I think it’s interesting they all took that feeling from the song.

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