21 Days of Local RPMS … Reuben Canning Finkel’s 2014 Project with Aaron Powell, Rhubarb Thieves


Every weekday in March we’ll be posting some of the RPM Challenge albums you all recorded in February … 

“Aaron Powell and I decided to make an RPM this year paying homage to some of our favorite musicians, notably Nick Drake and his last album Pink Moon, and early an Guided By Voices record called Bee Thousand. What came out after a month of recording was a successful lo-fi folk record, very in tune with what we had hoped would come from our collaboration. All of this of course, wouldn’t have been possible without Aaron’s help. He put a lot of effort into making the record feel right, and his work on the mix became a valuable part of the album’s whole aesthetic. ” – Reuben Canning Finkel

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