21 Days of Local RPMs: Kelly McMichael’s “Dream-Bitch-Pop” Project, Renders

Every weekday in March we want to post some of the RPM Challenge albums you all recorded in February … So send along a link to yours, and tell us a little something about it? submissions@theovercast.ca.

“The album is called ‘Homewrecker.’ It has electro-pop, trip hop, chillwave and R&B elements. A lot of my songs are prep-talks to get myself out of winter depression, and feeling overloaded and frustrated with female oppression. There’s a lot of feminism in the lyrics and the songs are sung by an exaggerated part of myself, or a stronger character I created. You may hear traces of Bjork, Esthero, Beck, Erykah Badu, and Washed out.” – Kelly McMichael

“I Am Gone”

“The Garden”

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