Every weekday in March we want to post some of the RPM Challenge albums you all recorded in February … So send along a link to yours, and tell us a little something about it? submissions@theovercast.ca. 

“When I first moved into Longs Hill, Aine [MacLellan] and I didn’t really know each other, but we could always hear each other playing and singing through the very thin wall which divides our boudoirs. It was cute because we would sort of yell out encouraging remarks, or sing along with each other, but it took us a few weeks until we broke down the barrier. We just had chemistry! Science + Energy. It was so exciting because I had never written a song before and was really tired of playing the same Ben Harper cover since grade 9 … hilarious but true. Once we started writing songs, they just seemed to flow out. We knew we wanted to do the RPM but didn’t quite know how. Then we met Cara Lee Coleman who came into our house like a monsoon and made it all happen, she gussied it up substantially with her musicality and pressed a lot of bottons on various machines. We are so thankful to her! We recorded 99 % of the music in two days! It was the most. Fun. Ever.” – Jen Cake