Every weekday in March we’ll be posting some of the RPM Challenge albums you all recorded in February … 

The Album Title: Hunters and Gatherers
Hunters and Gatherers actually started off as just one song inspired by all the old gardening books hanging around a country house in Milton. From there the album started to turn into a theme centered on living off the land and not depending on the boats shipping in food from the mainland. It kind of felt like we were writing a musical where each of the characters (the hunter, the gardener, the forager) would describe their roles and lifestyles with the scavenger being the misunderstood villain.
How We Recorded It:
We had very little time to put this album together, really just about 5 days so we kind of had no time to to get the perfect recording…In fact some songs are just recorded once and are pretty simple. Basically all we had was a microphone and an ipad. Half of the album was recorded in a country home in Milton while the second half was done here in Mount Pearl. So it’s nothing fancy just simple drums, a guitar, baritone uke and whatever garage band sounds we could toy with. Hopefully in the future we will get Damian Let bridge (am/fm dreams) to help re-record the album with better quality.
4th RPM Album
This is the Fourth time we’ve tried to do an RPM album…all have the same kind of rough basic approach but this is the first time we actually don’t hate most of the songs.