Every weekday in March we want to post some of the RPM Challenge albums you all recorded in February … So send along a link to yours, and tell us a little something about it? submissions@theovercast.ca.

Today’s offering is immediately engaging and impressively cohesive for an album done entirely in a week, and,  it even has a song called “I Want to Make You a Breakfast Sandwich.”

“I had no intentions to record an RPM at the start of the month, scheduling myself tightly with mixing releases for other bands, and starting a new band of my own. I was demoing out songs otherwise, but didn’t plan them to form anything. The final Monday of February, I decided to change that, and do the mad dash of completing an RPM in a week. I succeeded, sort of. The first and last tracks are simply samples, Jim Gilette, famous for his ear shattering screams with the band Nitro, opens off the release, and it’s closed by an awkward pledge of allegiance to DJ music. The rest of the songs, excluding Planetary Resignation, were demoed out instrumentally Monday and Thursday evenings, whereas all vocals were recorded Friday February 28th between a lunch break and the early evening. The record is grungy at times, dancey others, cynical, fun, and overall lighthearted. I really like how the track Mummified turned out, placing the track later in the album, serving as a bit of a treat for those who wait it out. Lyrically, it’s supposed to be a bit of a nod to Alkaline Trio, musically to Nirvana. Burn Your Aspiration is a tribute to those who consistently create great things, while abandoning jealousy and lack of appreciation, continuing to do so for the love of it. Radio3 is a lighthearted stab at the Canadian music landscape of the last 10 years. I Want to Make You a Breakfast Sandwich is supposed to be a love song, I thought it turned out like something Andrew WK would do, minus his great vocal styling. Poison Touch reeks of bedroom lo-fi, which I’m a big fan of.” – Micah Brown