21 Days of Local RPMs … Megan Marshall Featuring the Brothers Picco

Every weekday in March we’ll be posting some of the RPM Challenge albums you all recorded in February … 

“This RPM is a short little record. Not a song over three minutes I do believe. Short and sweet. I had the good graces of being able to record with two dear friends, both talented and seasoned musicians,who joined me in getting this RPM done. David and Chris Picco added some amazing vocals, a multitude of instruments, and just a whole lot of fun to the process. They really dug the tunes and it showed in how much they put into it. Spending cold February nights drinking wine and singing and playing is pretty much perfect. The RPM should be every month. Not too shabby, so long as I can keep writing the tunes I have some good people in my corner to make them extra special.” – Megan Marshall
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