Every weekday in March we want to post some of the RPM Challenge albums you all recorded in February … So send along a link to yours, and tell us a little something about it? submissions@theovercast.ca.

What would be a more innovative album? 1.) taking the first bit, of the first ten chapters in Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce, punching out the vowels, and running the pages through a punchcard music box player, or, 2.) recording an album composed entirely of mouth sounds (as in zero instruments but multiple tracks)? Elling Lien did both. That’s Elling as in the man who brought the RPM fever to Newfoundland via The Scope many years ago, and this year, partnered with CBC to make it an even bigger deal than ever. Spearheading this challenge and finding the time to make two ultra-innovative albums: how about a round of applause?

Here, you can watch Finnegan’s Sleep in action! Do note the pun, the novel was called Finnegan’s Wake. 

And here’s some of the songs off the mouth sounds album: