Every weekday in March we want to post some of the RPM Challenge albums you all recorded in February … So send along a link to yours, and tell us a little something about it? submissions@theovercast.ca. 

AM/FM Dreams have just posted their SEVENTH RPM album on Bandcamp, and as always, it’s an eclectic batch of interesting songs, and, a serious contender for the very best of the year’s RPM lot. Check out “Teeth,” for your next playlist.

AOK 3MO … Explain your album title!

Our album this year is named AOK 3MO, which is the postal code for the small outport town of La Scie, NL where me and my sister (and AM/FM Dreams bassist) were born and raised. When we started recording mid way through February I had no idea where the songs were going. After I wrote “Johnny”, “Garbage Day” and “Big Fish” I realized there was a theme of songs about growing up in La Scie so I just kept going with that. Not all the songs are about La Scie but most are.

How many years have AM/FM Dreams recorded an RPM Album? 5, 6?

This is AM/FM Dreams’ 7th RPM album (15th album in total).

Does it get any easier? Is there any advantage to recording an album in such a rush?

It doesn’t get any easier – maybe harder – you’re always trying to find a different muse every year, go in a direction you haven’t taken before – but recording on such a tight deadline is a huge factor in the creative process – it prevents you from analyzing arrangements, lyrics, and mixing to death, and ending up with something that sounds sterile and boring – I love that rough edge that RPM gives people’s albums, that you don’t find on records that took months to make. We had a lot of fun making this album, and it was nice to tap back into our childhood memories while writing and recording