Founded by Al Pittman and Rex Brown, the original March Hare was modeled on the traditional Newfoundland soup supper and community concert, and designed to relieve the winter doldrums in Corner Brook. Over the years, the Hare transformed into something with concurrent events in Toronto, Corner Brook, St. John’s, other areas in NL and even Ireland. It blends literature and music, including visiting artists from the mainland.

This year saw an event in New York, with Anita Best, Rex Brown, Paul Dean, Lisa Moore, and Daniel Payne, as well as one in Halifax and Toronto, plus 16 others throughout the province.

We sent Heather Nolan to capture the “Park Hare” in Norris Point last night. Click here to see what’s left to come.








From Heather Nolan:

March Hare 2016: Top 6 Magical Moments From the Julia Ann Walsh Centre in Norris Point

1. Gerry Strong lulls the crowd into a serene state with Killdevil Air, an ode to the mountains.

2. and 3. Jennifer Morgan’s eloquent and captivating storytelling appeals to the crowd to find humor in the fortunes that we are dealt.

4. Jim Payne hits a sobering note with a song that questions the validity of resettlement.

5. Bernice Morgan reads from and displays her gorgeous new book The Dragon’s Song, a piece of literary and visual art collaborated with her daughter Jennifer Morgan, printmaker and writer.

6. Anita Best surprises the crowd with a traditional “ditty” Lukey’s Boat to open the show.

7. Stan Dragland showcases writing about the works of other March Hare artists and how they have affected people and communities.