20+ Women Kicking Butt in the Newfoundland Music Industry (and Beyond)

Here is a (very incomplete) list of some amazing women doing awesome things for our local music scene. ​

Here is our (very incomplete) list of some amazing women doing awesome things for our local music scene.

Sarah Harris

Multi-instrumentalist, stellar songwriter, and front-woman of the band, PROPERTY.

Kate Lahey

Co-founder of St. John’s Women in Music, provoker of important and thoughtful conversations around inclusive/safe spaces, musician recording under the name Weary.

Kelly McMichael

Creator of RENDERS, Guitarist, Singer, Recording artist,
pop- goddess.

Geraldine Hollett

Gut-wrenchingly beautiful vocalist, member of The Once, world-touring recording artist, collaborator, songwriter.

Eastern Owl

7 strong, all-nation women’s drum group, using music to address Aboriginal rights and social issues and promote community and togetherness.

Joanna Barker

Songwriter, guitarist, band leader, activist, co-founder of Girls Rock NL and St. John’s Women in Music (SWIM), volunteer, organiser, writer,industry innovator.

Mara Pellerin

Classically trained French horn player, former Hey Rosetta band member, songwriter, recording artist, frontwoman for Wunderstrands, Programing & Administrative Assistant with Girls Rock NL.

Amelia Curran

JUNO award winning, signed singer-songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, 8 albums (!) under her belt, advocate for mental healthcare services.

Danielle Hamel

Synth/Vocalist/Songwriter with It Could be Franky, and Land of the Lakes, ECMA-nominated, Music NL Award -Winner.

Janet Cull

Singer/Songwriter/ Actor, star in local musicals, powerful vocalist, producer of shows, Spirit of NL regular, multi-award nominated artist, gutsy performer.

Mary-Beth Waldram

Owner of Bakeapple Productions, trained clarinetist, concert promoter, music industry business bad-ass, grant-writer, organiser, festival worker.

Pepa Chan

Innovative artist, frontwoman for countless new local bands, scene starter, and RPM Collaborator .

Krista Power

Powerhouse vocalist, professional illustrator/graphic designer, design and marketing director with Girls Rock NL, co-founder of Mightypop, concert promoter, guitarist with Thelma & Louise.

Renee Sharpe

Band off creator, mayoral candidate, talk show host, cultural advocate, shaker-upperer.

Meg Harnum

Drummer, performer, teacher, artist, performer, staple local band member, Girls Rock NL mentor.

Erin Power

Educator, creator, writer, multiinstrumentalist, member of the JUNO award winning Swinging Belles.

Rebekah Robbins

Program, Marketing and Communications Director with Music NL, former employee with ECMA, event coordinator, arts administrator, organiser of all things music and marketing.

Rozalind McPhail

Flautist, looper, innovator, collaborator, award-winner, teacher, performer, and workshop giver.

Kat McLevey

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, student of Berklee, bassist, performer beyond her years.

Katherine Allen

½ of the Fortunate Ones, touring musician, performer, multi-instrumentalist, collaborator, songwriter, award-winner.

Maggie Burton

Classical violinist, Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra member, educator, mother, poet, activist, city councillor.

Maria Cherwick

Professional violinist/ fiddler, NSO member, educator, leader, performer, and bringer of Ukrainian/NL music.

We didn’t have space to list all the women doing awesome things for and in our local music scene, but we support and stand with you all. 

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  • I know how different they all are. We all do. I know how talented and incredible they all are. We all do. I know what they’ve all contributed to the music scene and what they’re working on. We all do. How do I /we know this? Because it’s been written in the Overcast in many different articles over the years. They all have that one thing in common : they’re Overcast alumni. Regulars. Already know their story.
    Unfortunately, the other women, who are also different, also doing amazing things, and have been for YEARS, contributing to the local scene all the same, will never be acknowledged over the regulars because they’ll always be in the shadow of the Overcast alumni. Our entertainment paper/media is nothing more than a biased clique. If you don’t drink your coffee at the Rocket or Fixed, if you don’t know who “my roommate” is, if you don’t vote NDP, you won’t be featured in an article of the Overcast next to the people who do.
    Yes, the women featured are amazing and top notch. The people in all the articles are amazing and top notched. We just don’t need to be reminded all the time just how top notched these select few are. Get some new faces to showcase, for a change.

  • I agree with DD. The Overcast has been making an effort not to just write about the 20-something cool kids. And so they should, as, ironically, the group they tend to give press to is the group that gives the paper the most crap! Also: maybe they’re just covering what’s interesting, or maybe what other media won’t touch. Maybe there’s a reason for what you’re up in arms about, guys.

  • @ Great talent – familiar faces: I think you’re just repeating some unfounded, untrue sentiment because there’s people not on here you think should be. People like Maria Cherwick, Maggie Burton, Meg Harnum, and Pepa Chan couldn’t be more different, musically. Like, COULDN’T. Also, people, this is a celebration of women in music, not an award longlist — a random selection serves its point. We’re taking Generation Over-Sensitive-and-Entitled to the next level to cry and lash out over who isn’t on it, and feeling being hurt

  • “Positive” comments aren’t necessarly productive, just as “negative” comments are not necessarily unproductive; i think thats a mistake people often make.

  • I’d like to say a non-snarky thanks to Ron, actually. It’s nice when people can communicate in a positive, productive way on these public forums, and as the person who wrote the comment he is commenting on (in a positive way),I appreciate his comments. There is no need to be sarcastic and snarky all the time, people. We’re all in this together!

  • To Mary,

    While I can’t speak to the subject of “Women kicking but in the Newfoundland music industry” , I can to your comment. It is well thought out and presented, and gets your point across in a respectful manner. One likely to achieve your aim and further the discussion. Well said.


  • God – can’t even write nice things without people whining “it’s not fair”. Grow up you stupid losers

  • While I applaud The Overcast for their efforts to highlight some amazing women in the music scene, and generally don’t like to agree with the trolls writing nasty comments, I do wonder who comes up with these lists and on what basis. There is certainly some nepotism involved, but the person who wrote this article has obviously chosen to write about their friends and acquaintances, as opposed to casting a wider net. It is certainly St.John’s-oriented, so perhaps, as (aggressively) stated, (but not without reason) by someone else in the comments,The Overcast might’ve opened the communication lines to the arts community and their general audience and readership, and asked if they would like to bring attention to ANY women who are “kicking butt in the music industry.” They might’ve gotten a fuller, more complete list and really used it to open eyes and minds, and help bring about public awareness to all the great women doing great things in an industry that has, for many years, been predominantly male. Your heart is in the right place, Overcast! Thank you for what you do, but maybe spread the love a little further the next time you make a list like this.

  • This a Newfoundland list? Very St. John’s centric. And not a word about women of the Torbay punk scene. What about The Human Queef? Peas Puddin’? The whole line-up of Mother Tucker’s Udder Udder? Get out of the downtown and go to a shed party, why don’t ya?

  • While I love this idea…why are there no links to these women’s websites, band profiles, or social media accounts for people to go learn more about them? Or a short interview with each – even just a full paragraph of their accomplishments instead of snippets. It’s great that you’re highlighting them, but this is really just a list of names with barely any information which seems like you put in the minimal amount of work required which is doing a disservice to the hardworking women on this list.

  • Anyone else notice how the Overcast writers always tend to showcase their close friends? It seems the spotlight is always on their roommates, their band mates, their clique, etc. Always seeing the same faces in the magazine. It’s like a BFF scrapbook. I love the fact you are doing a story about the women in our province. However, you showcased the “hipster” regulars, again!
    Where’s Liz Pickard? Colleen Power? Category VI? Danielle Trouble? Jennifer Collins? Sherry Ryan? Krissy Breen?
    Guys! Your stories are almost as bad as the Lawnya Vawnya line up! Always choosing your inner circle of friends.

  • Here goes the overcast again with the women. Anyone else noticed the last few “Overachievers of the month” and Upalong profiles were also women? Seems like someone’s looking to win some favour.

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