1.) Take the ferry to Bell Island, explore abandoned mines at the Grebe’s Nest. (Ferry With Car $6.88)

2.) Make a picnic, get the Metrobus to Bowring Park ($3 baguette, $3.93 mini bottle
of Barefoot Cab Sauv, $2.25 bus fare)

3.) Check out the Storytellers Circle every second Tuesday at The Crow’s Nest, listen to stories and recitations from Newfoundland’s finest storytellers, and enjoy a pint in a rare glimpse of this Officer’s club, which looks like the galley of an old ship. ($3 Admission + $6 Pint)

4.) Behave like a true St. John’s local and pick up a copy of Free Frame Zine at Broken Books and a pour-over at Fixed Coffee and Baking, and lounge in the grass beside the War Memorial on Duckworth Street. ($5 Zine + $3.50 Coffee)

5.) Do a tour of Quidi Vidi Brewery, sample some locally made beer, and see how it’s made.
($10 Brewery Tour)

6.) Team up with a buddy and rent a tent from The Outfitters for a night and go camping
on the East Coast Trail or in Pippy Park. ($10 each x 2)

7.) Go for a boil up b’y. ($2 wieners + $3 box of Tetley + $1.50 bic lighter + your roommate’s
pot = boil up)

8.) Wander around the Farmers Market – pay a visit to the Waffle Lady, get some samosas, or take a peek at all the crafts, jewelry, and art. Then hang out in the grass outside, and you might catch a Shakespeare By the Sea performance or a few buskers. (As many snacks as you can get for $10)

9.) Bet on horses at the racing track in The Goulds. (<$10)

10.) Get totally lost in Three Pond Barrens, Pippy Park, while you try and navigate to one of the ponds for a swim. Pet all the pups that pass. Eventually stumble across one of the ponds just as you are giving up. Go for a dip. (Super free)

11.) Do an art tour of downtown, starting with the Red Ochre Gallery on Duckworth East, Christina Parker Gallery on Water Street East, Eastern Edge Gallery on Harbourside Drive, the Leyton Gallery in Baird’s Cove, and then pop in to The Sprout to see what local exhibition they’ve got on at the moment, and get a snack. After fueling up, scoot up the hill to the Peter Lewis Gallery on Church Hill, Spurrell Gallery on Long’s Hill, and Richard Steele Gallery on Harvey Road. See The Rooms on your right. Might as well, b’y. ($9 Open Sesame Sandwich at The Sprout)

12 Make the trip to Berg’s in Manuels for an old fashioned ice cream, sundae, or float;
eat your ice cream on a waterfall off the Manuels River Trail. Best. (<$5)

13 Take a stroll through the MUN Botannical Gardens. See things bloom, convince yourself
to do the same. ($PWYC First Wednesday of each month, Free May 1-7)

14 Join a Band Off. Show up at the potluck on May 13 at Eastern Edge to submit your name and be matched with a band. Pick an instrument. Learn it. Play a show on May 27. Bam. ($Free as can be. Borrowing of instruments encouraged.)

15 Rainy days are for board games and tea at Mochanopoly on Water Street. ($5 for tea and treats)