recently released results of a massive study of social media called 115 Must Know Facts about Social Media. Here’s 10 things you maybe didn’t know about the non-physical places where we spend all our time these days:

  1. Facebook is the most popular form of social media, with 1.59 Billion users. Instagram gets runner up with 400 million users.
  2. North America is more addicted to social media than any other geographic entity, with its “Global Social Media Penetration Rate” of 59%. South America comes in second.
  3. 70% of people sign into Facebook daily. Do you?
  4. Two thirds of all Instagram users are female.
  5. 68% of Millennials base their knowledge of the world mostly on things they hear through Facebook.
  6. Reddit is used more than Facebook as a news source.
  7. The average person spends 17 minutes per day on Facebook. You?
  8. If you tally the amount of time every Facebook user spends on Facebook every day, that number would be 39,757 years.
  9. 45% of Twitter users are between 18-29.
  10. Every second, of every day, 8,796 photos are shared on Snapchat, 4,501 on Facebook, and 810 on Instagram.
  11. The best time to post on Facebook — for a max number of views — is Wednesday from 1-4, or Thursday & Friday between 3-4. The weekends from 1-2 is also a sweet spot. Twitter is best used between 1-3 on weekdays.
  12. Katy Perry has more Twitter followers than any other person on Twitter. And Justin Bieber has the most YouTube channel fans.
  13. The 3 most photographed places on Instagram are: Times Square (New York), Eiffel Tower (Paris), and Tower Bridge (London).
  14. Facebook makes hundreds of billions of dollars off their ads.
  15. Every minute, 400 hours worth of new video footage is uploaded to YouTube.