10 Reasons to See NQ Arbuckle This Weekend

Don't know the man? Love the man? Here's a 10-song Best of Playlist.

NQ Slit

Like John K. Samson, Neville Quinlan has a reputation for being a Canadian songwriter whose lyrics are part of the package. He’s an everyman poet the way Tom Waits is, but substitutes the metaphor for striking simplicity and clarity. “I wish that my sadness would make you change” … or even “I come from a cheap town, I eat hot dogs.” He’s said, “The first line in every song is supposed to be a bit of a call to arms,” and his delivery and gruff voice certainly live up to that.

The guys play almost exclusively bar shows, because it’s the truest way to hear music, especially in NQ Arbuckle’s case: pubs and parties are the setting for so many of their songs. Since he was a kid, Quinlan has simply felt they’re the only venue to play: a loud, small room, where everyone’s lost in a song together, moving as one, shouting the words at each other, and the man’s the man for sing-along songs: his verses romp and holler with the band’s signature, gruff-voiced swagger, guiding us into catchy, sing-along choruses that’ll stay in your head long after you’ve turned the album off.

He’s Playing at The Ship Friday AND Saturday Night.

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