New Website Re-Launching February 5th!


We’re entering year 2 this month, and decided to shake¬†things up with a newly launched website on February 1st, that will focus more on offering web-based features our print issues can’t, such as online radio, video, podcasts, events listings, and more. Got ideas for video series, podcasts, etc? Get in touch. New web content will resume February 1st, and for now, check out the January print issue (hitting stands and our sidebar on Jan.6th) and our event listings will continue.


  1. You guys need to upgrade your events listings and restaurant reviews. Those two things could potentially draw a lot of traffic to your site, but they’ve got to be complete and up to date or people won’t use them.

    • Agreed! One of my favourite and most read columns in the Halifax independent paper The Coast was Shop Talk. Shop Talk kept track of all businesses opening and closing in the city. I wish The Overcast could cover this type of news more!

      I also am craving a better and more detailed Events page!

      • Hey Townie — are you reading our print issues? We cover shop and restaurant activities in our retail and in our Food and Drink sections.

    • that’s the plan!
      Though the event listings, people can add their own — why aren’t they?

  2. what happened to the Broadcasts feature? Reading those postings are always entertaining.

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